NewAll Apostles are invited to recite the very holy Our Lady of Sorrows Novena beginning Sept. 7 thru Sept. 15th. A Holy Mass will be offered in honor of our many benefactors and Apostles around the world. Print your copy of Novena with Litany above.

St. Vincent de Paul Novena in English and Novena a San Vincente de Paul in Spanish begins Sept. 19 thru 27. If any of your loved ones died during this last year, and you had written their name on a blessed Green Scapular prior to death, they will ascend into Heaven from Purgatory as promised by our Lord to Anna Marie. Our Mass will be in honor of all Apostles around the world.

New Project After Life is a new hit show on Sunday's on the American Destination (DAM) Channel. The four man investigators speak to those who have died then were resurrected by the Lord. Many explain their true stories of horrors in Hell, some see Jesus in Heaven and what they saw there! This show will offer an indepth look into the lives of those who have experienced the afterlife! You won't want to miss an episode!

NewAn anonymous source contacted us, a doctor told one of our Apostles that they are putting aborted human remains in the Rubella shot. The doctor quietly stated this. All Christians should contact their Congressional Leaders and demand answers!

New Heavenly Message given on August 2nd, Apostles are asked to recite Heavenly Fathers' Prayer For Parents. Click for Novena.

NewAborted baby parts used in our food, we need to seek forgiveness for accidental cannibalism, click to read more.

New Miraculous Report from an Apostle of the Green Scapular, click to read about healing

NewUnfailing Prayer to St. Anthony click link to read

New Jesus gives message to all trafficking witches click link to read individual message on 6/25/15

New Revised & Updated poster for trafficking witches on 6/25/15 click to open new poster...

New Heavenly Father gives message on mitigation of planned attack and famine on the horizon click line to read more...

NewQuick Guide of Protection against practicing witches click link to open and print...

NewNew Article, Discerning the Voice of God click here to read the article...

New Website to enhance your healing and education. After our old website no longer would process our Apostolate Membership forms, we began building a new one and have lanched it on 5/31/15. We hope you can navigate easier and we welcome your suggestions or comments. If links are broken, please let us know via email at: apostolate@greenscapular.org. Thank you and keep us in your prayers!

Latest Heavenly Message full message...

Fr. Jose Maniyangat is taken to Hell full story...

What is Temporal Punishment full story...

Scripture on Trials "No trial has come to you but what is human. God is faithful and will not let you be tried beyond your strength; but with the trial He will also provide a way out, so that you may be able to bear it." (1 Corinthians 10:13)

Headlines Male rape against other males, sexual assault, is on the rise in U.S. Military, pray for our troops, pray for the victims! U.S. Christian persecution.  Pray daily for our Christian Military personnel who are being silenced and not allowed to speak about Jesus Christ. Contact Congress stop this Religious Persecution.

Our Lady of Sorrows Novena (Sept. 7 thru 15)

St. Vincent de Paul Novena (Sept. 19 thru 27)



Sacred Heart of Jesus

To Jesus, through Mother Mary

Are seeking healing and peace in your life, your home, the lives of your family members or friends; you may find it here, but it will take some work.

Green Scapulars have very special graces or Charism's upon them. The Lord has gven them "Spiritual Healing" and "Physical Healing".

Spiritual healing takes place when a repentent soul returns to Jesus and the Sacraments. Through the Sacraments of Holy Communion and Sacramental Confession, we can be healed. When a person has a conversion of heart, a zeal for Jesus Christ in his/her life, a spiritual healing happens, and so does a physical healing.

Physical healing takes place when a repentent soul receives those graces from Jesus and is instantly healed of his/her sickness or disease. One such event took place when a woman, just after giving birth, discovered she had breast cancer. After receiving a blessed Green Scapular, she had a miraculous healing!

You can begin your renewed life by ordering your own blessed Green Scapular Kit from our Bookstore. When you receive your envelope containing 14 blessed Green Scapulars, please read the Brochure, follow the instructions and begin your new journey to Jesus, thru Mother Mary.

Our Mission

To bring conversion to the world, one soul at a time. We accomplish this through the manufacturing and distribution of blessed green scapulars, which are approved sacramentals of the Catholic church. Our Scapulars do not have an attached cord.

Our History

In May of 1996, Anna Marie consecrated herself to the service of Jesus Christ after she was healed from severe dyslexia she was born with. As a child, Anna Marie had always endured constant demonic attacks which taunted and terrorized her. She had a deep faith and trusted Jesus would protect her. During this time, the Lord bestowed extraordinary gifts on her, such as knowing when a family member or friend was about to be harmed or was in danger. She would begin praying for him/her before the event took place so the Lord would mitigate the danger. He always did.

After graduating high school, Anna Marie heard the Lord calling her to move to another city to attend college, so she did. After graduating college, being newly healed of dyslexia, Anna Marie felt the call to visit a place called Conyers, Georgia. This is where Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary were talking with a holy saintly woman, Nancy Fowler. In December of 1996, Anna Marie made the pilgrimage to Conyers, GA where she witnessed many miracles. Anna Marie witnessed during one of Nancy Fowler's apparitions, our Heavenly Mother Mary holding Baby Jesus. Which changed her life forever. After leaving Conyers, she began hearing our Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother speaking to her.

In January 1997, during one of Anna Marie's monthly Rosary prayer groups, the Lord spoke to Anna marie and requested the prayer group to be called, "Apostolate of the Green Scapular". Not knowing what an Apostolate was, Anna Marie did as the Lord requested. The prayer group began writing names of their family, friends and others on blessed green scapulars, this continued daily.

In October 1998, Anna Marie diescovered that he statue of Blessed Mother was crying, so she got on her knees and began pleading with the Lord saying, "Jesus please tell me what to do to stop your Mother from cyring. I don't want your Mother to cry. Please Jesus, tell me what to do to stop your Mother from crying!" Suddenly, a Voice spoke out load and a vision was seen. The Voice was that of Jesus, full of love, and gentle and Jesus said, "Bring My Mother More Souls!" In the vision, one green scapular miraculously appeared in front of Anna Marie's eye and flew across the room to a group of people who were standing and waiting to receive their own blessed Green Scapular. Next, another Green Scapular appeared and flew across the room to another person in the waiting crowd, then another, repeating over and over. She believed they were people still alive who were waiting to receive their own blessed Green Scapulars in the future. So this inspired the prayer group to start the websites so others could order their "free" blessed Green Scapulars too.

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