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God our Father delivers new message to all Apostles of the Green Scapular

 November 13, 2013 Our Heavenly God & Father speaks to Anna Marie

Father God: "I am seeking your help in finding Me more souls willing to suffer for the conversion of sinners".

Anna Marie: Yes My Lord.

Father God: "Daughter will you help Me find others willing to sign-up to offer themselves for the healing and conversion of sinners."

Anna Marie: Yes My Lord.

Father God: "These souls will gain a very special CROWN OF GLORY from My Holy Mercy." They will be carefully watched over by My Beloved Son, Jesus, and His Mother, Mary. (Thank you my Lord.) I will for you to express my CALL for these precious and much needed souls. I will bless them with great graces and spiritual gifts, and I will call them "My Own".

Anna Marie: Yes My Lord.

NOTE: You can read the entire message in 2013 Messages.


Victim Soul of Charity

 Enrollment & Certificate

"Houston, we have a problem!" Our enrollment processing has been disabled so you can use two methods of signing up to become a "Victim Soul", Use our printable pdf mail in form: Enrollment Form or send an email to: charity@greenscapular.org

When you become a Victim Soul of Charity for the healing and conversion of sinners, you too will be placed in the Chalice of Mercy during every Mass, remembered in all our Rosaries, Chaplets, other prayers and sacrifices daily!  Forever you will be known by all Apostles as God's Chosen! 


"It is better to believe than not to believe, for, if you believe, and it is proven true, you will be happy that you have believed, because Our Holy Mother asked it.  If you believe, and it should be proven false, you will receive all blessings as if it had been true, because you believed it to be true."  -- His Holiness, Urban VIII (Pope, 1623-44) "This too must be listed among the rights of a human being, to honor God according to the sincere dictates of his own conscience, and therefore the right to practice his religion privately and publicly."  --- His Holiness, John XXIII, Pacem in Terris, April 11, 1963


Maria of Divine Mercy:  Below is a message from Jesus to Anna Marie regarding Maria of Divine Mercy (who resides in Germany).  Jesus said: "She is my servant and you should continue to support her to the best of your ability. You can have peace knowing I have been instructing her and though her mission is different than yours, your support is necessary."  For over 13 years, Anna Marie's Spiritual Director has instructed her not to read any other prophetic messages from others like Maria of Divine Mercy, so she does not.


Vision given to Anna Marie on July 22, 2012 while she was reciting Rosary.  The sun was ejecting a huge fiery ball or meteor of fire into space. Refer to 2012 Heavenly Messages for more detail.

Date Time Topic


11:20 am

Father God: Warning to sweep many from the earth


11:55 PM

Father God: On Fathers' Love


11:23 PM

Jesus & Father God: On surrendering to Jesus' will


03:43 PM

Father God: On mighty who will fall from their seats

07.07.03 08:00 PM

Jesus: On the corruption of little Children

07.09.03 07:45 PM

Father God: On God’s wrath on many Nations

07.30.03 10:45 PM

Jesus: Warning on Idolatry of the Television

08.05.03 09:38 PM

Father God: On Father's hand will strike in a day


11:05 PM

Jesus: On warning of disaster in the mid-West of US

08.19.03 08:50 PM Father God: Punishments of East, West, North, South
08.21.03 07:50 PM Satan's attempt to confuse
08.21.03 11:17 PM

Jesus: On homosexuality, adultery, abortion, lust, etc

08.27.03 11:02 AM

Jesus: On removing the Holy Bible from Public

08.27.03 12:00 PM

Father God: Great tragedies will take place

08.27.03 02:40 PM Vision of Jesus and Mother Mary
08.27.03 10:07 PM Jesus: Punishments caused by Sins
09.09.03 01:53 PM Jesus: Designs of terror approaches at door step
09.28.03 10:45 AM Jesus: On being tried by Fire
11.04.03 10:44 PM Mother Mary: Tormentuous event taking place
11.11.03 11:09 AM Father God: On explosion to take place
07.09.04 11:34 AM

Jesus: Tragic events which have been foretold to you

08.17.04 03:00 PM

Mother Mary: Wrath of God will nearly destroy a City

08.21.04 10:02 PM

Jesus: On future devastation from the enemy

08.21.04 11:00 PM

Mother Mary: ON writing names on Green Scapulars

08.26.04 03:29 PM

Mother Mary: Consecrating your daily lives to Jesus

09.10.04 09:00 PM

Jesus: Warning Hurricane scattering people

09.10.04 09:00 PM

An Act of Reparation and Consecration

09.10.04 09:42 PM

Mother Mary: On weeping for her children

11.06.04 09:30 AM

Jesus: On the Angel of Death striking

11.06.04 09:30 AM

Confirmation of future tragedy

11.14.04 09:32 PM

Jesus: On praying daily for family and everyone

11.23.04 05:04 PM

Jesus: Warning, the enemy is at the gate

12.07.04 11:42 AM

Jesus: On Shrine, Miracle and Warning

12.07.04 02:34 PM

Father God: Promise to those who serve our Lord

12.07.04 02:34 PM

Act of consecration to Jesus, Incarnate Wisdom

12.28.04 10:42 PM

Father God: Asian Tsunami & Warning for America

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