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 SPECIAL ROSARY OFFER IN DECEMBER, see details at the bottom of this page! Please include your Church, Parish, Diocese name or we will not be able to send you a blessed Green Scapular Kit.  ///  Please keep us in your daily prayers.
Green Scapular Kits


No cord is attached to our blessed Green Scapulars because we do not wear them.  We write names of those whom we are praying for on the front and back of the blessed Green Scapulars.  Thus consecrating living souls to Jesus' Sacred Heart, through our Holy Mother's Immaculate Heart.  For more information on what Jesus has requested, please read the Heavenly Message dated September 27, 1999. 


Before you order:  Jesus invites all Christians to love and honor His Mother, Mary, and so do we.  If you belong to another Christian denomination and want to receive the healing graces from Jesus, please order your own blessed Green Scapular Kit.


Ordering restrictions: We can only ship one blessed Green Scapular Kit containing 14 blessed green scapulars with a brochure to one person or address per year.  We have limited resources and very few donations. Thank you.


Two ways to order: By mail using our Scapular Order Form (you can include a donation), typing on the pdf form, print and mail it to us or ordering via the form below.


***Please include your Parish or Church or Diocese name or we will not be able to send you a "free" blessed Green Scapular Kit. Email's are optional, but if you do not complete your form correctly, we will not be able to send your blessed Green Scapular Kit.

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Our Heavenly Father has requested all to pray for the salvation of parents, so they will repent for the sin of abortion. Click link to Father's Prayer for Parents







Jesus said: "Everyone who acknowledges me before others, I will acknowledge before my Heavenly Father. But whoever denies me before others, I will deny before my Heavenly Father." (Matt 10:33)


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