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"Healing Conference"


on March 13, 14 & 15, 2020 at the Ontario Airport Hotel & Conference Center in Ontario, California (we will be selling Bookstore items at the Healing Conference)

Deposit $25.00
Payment $130.00


Exorcism Oil & Exorcism Salt

Oil and Salt

Anoiting Oil and Exorcism Salt packaged together. Each bottle holds 2 oz. for $20.00.

Home Protection Prayer given to Anna Marie by the Lord and is used to protect your home from evil. We recommend that you open and print the Home Protection Prayer. The prayer should be said while you are placing four blessed Green Scapulars in the four corners of your home.

How We Bless Our Green ScapularsThis is the process: take one blessed Green Scapular to one of the four corners of your home. If you have two floors with the bedrooms upstairs, we recommend you place the four upstairs in the bedrooms. In the first corner, place the blessed Green Scapular in that corner (you should be finding the interior corner of your home). Then recite the Home Protection Prayer. Go to the next corner, place the blessed Green Scapular in that corner and recite the prayer. Usually by the third corner, you will begin to feel grace pouring upon you and anyone with you, the power of grace will descend upon your home. Place the final blessed Green Scapular in the last corner. Instruct everyone to not remove it, they should permanently left in the four corners.


Pray for the Nation

Will you pray for your Country?

Catholic Bookstore

We offer a small selection of valuable books that you might find of great Catholic teaching and assist you on your journey to Heaven.The Catechism of the Catholic Church is based in Sacred Scriptures, Divine Revelations and the Treasury of our Catholic faith. We would like to thank you for your order in advance. Every purchase assists us in purchasing stamps and products necessary to produce more blessed Green Scapular Kits (GSK's). We ship approximately 68% of all blessed Green Scapular Kits to locations outside the U.S. We ship to anyone requesting them for free.

We always run out of prepared Green Scapular Kits, so sometimes it takes a little time for our volunteers to make up more. We ask then, that if you have not received your own blessed Green Scapular Kit witin a two-week time frame, to contact us and let us know you did not receive one.

All the purchases and donations we receive, goes towards the purchase of stamps and materials, printing supplies and labels. We do not pay our volunteers because they know they will be paid in Heaven one day; and so will you! Thank you in advance for your purchase or donation! God bless you for your mercy and love for others around the world, and right here in the U.S.


Anointing Oil & Exorcism Salt (2 oz in each bottle)
Price: $20.00 for Oil & Salt
new Item-012
Oil and Salt
Home Protection Kit (With 4 Canisters & 3 Crucifixes)
How To Rid Your Life Of Wicked Spirits and Persons
Price: $12.50
Price: $10.00 (53 pgs)
new Book-026
Home Protection Kit
Our Lady of Sorrows Novena with Beads
Holy Rosary with Rosary Pamphlet
St. Vincent de Paul Novena with Beads
Price: $7.00
Price: $7.00
Price: 7.00
Book-008 / 11 pages
Book-025 / 11 pages
Select Bead Color
Select Color
Select Bead Color
Our Lady Of Sorrows Novena Holy Rosary   St Vincent de Paul
Blessed Green Scapular Kit
Spiritual Warfare Prayers
Healing Power Prayers
*Order Only 5 Kits Extra*
By Robert Abel
By Robert Abel
Price: $3.00
Price: $2.00
Price: $2.00
Book-012 / 26 pages
Book-023 / 25 pages
Spiritual Warfare Prayers
Healing Prayers
Taking A Shortcut To Heaven
The Life of St. Vincent de Paul
Exorcism Of A Demonized Home
By: Apostolate
By F. A. Forbes
By: Apostolate
Price: $3.00
Price: 8.00
Price: $3.00
Book-017 / 35 pages
Book-018 / 105 pages
Book-020 / 19 pages
Life of St. Vincent de Paul
Taking A Shortcut To Heaven
St Vincent de Paul  
Demonized Home In Texas
Blessed Sacrament, God with Us
The Seven Capital "Deadly" Sins
Confession, Its Fruitful Practices
By: Benedictine Convent
By: Benedictine Convent
By: Benedictine Convent
Price: $4.00
Price: $4.00
Price: $4.00
Book-001 / 67 pages
Book-011 / 11 pages
Book-002 / 19 pages
Blessed Sacrament Capital Sins   Confession
Harry Potter and the Paganization of Culture
Why Catholics Connot Be Masons
Healing the Haunted "Ghosts"
By Michael O'Brien
By John Salza
By Dr. Kenneth McAll
Price $20.00
Price $15.00
Price: $11.00
Book-014 / 274 pages
Book-013 / 84 pages
Book-005 / 83 pages
  Why Catholics Cannot Be Masons   Healing the Haunted

Thank you for your order. Every order assists us in making and mailing more blessed Green Scapular Kits to others around the world.

KATHOLIKOS means "Universal"

Did you know, Jesus Christ started the Universal Church? The Universal Church in the Greek language is called: Katholikos, "Catholic Church".

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