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NewREPORT BROKEN LINKS. We ask all Apostles to report broken links to: info@greenscapular.org. God bless you!

What is a "Victim Soul of Charity", click here to read more.

New All Christians are welcomed! If you belong to another Christian denomination, non-Catholic, we welcome you to order your own "free" blessed Green Scapular Kit.

Green ScapularsOrder Your "Free" Blessed Green Scapular Kit

Our Green Scapular Kit (GSK) contains 14 green scapulars blessed by a Catholic Priest. We include a Brochure that describes how to use them to protect your house or business, family and friends against the attacks of evil, sent in an envelope. There is no cord attached because Jesus asked that we write names on them.

You can order only one "free" blessed Green Scapular Kit per address, per year. We have extremely limited funds and limited resources, but you can order five additonal Green Scapular Kits for a small fee on our Catholic Bookstore page. We ask you to provide your Archdiocese or Parish or Church name. Not all Green Scapular Kits can be honored. If you use a horoscope name, curse or use questionable names in your email address, we regret we cannot mail a "free" GSK, because we must follow our morals clause.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for your blessed Green Scapular Kit to arrive. Our volunteers work hard on making and mailing out the blessed Green Scapulars but get behind on occasion. Thank you for your patience. You can complete the form below, or open our Green Scapular Order Form, type in the boxes, SAVE IT TO YOUR DESKTOP, then send an email with the newly saved Order Form as an attachment. Thank you and God bless you.

Please read more on our blessed Green Scapular Kit on our Scapulars page! We send blessed Green Scapulars to all Christians, regardless if you are Catholic or other Christian denomination! Jesus loves us all!

Order Form
  Nombre y apellido
  dirección de la calle
  ciudad o provincia
  código postal
  If you order a free GSK, please include your church/parish/diocese name. We will not ship otherwise. Thank you!
  If your bread has molded, leave a comment here. If your children are afraid to sleep in bed/room, please leave phone so we can call (U.S. only).


About Us

We are a small not for profit organization trying to make a difference in the lives of anyone seeking healing and a personal relationship with their Divine Savior, Jesus. Our employees are volunteers who are not paid, they know their reward will be awaiting them in Heaven one day.

We receive funding by the generosity of our Apostles, those who have written their names on a blessed Green Scapular. We began in 1997 and have sent out hundreds of thousands of blessed Green Scapulars around the world.

We trust in Jesus and Mother Mary to help us continue this good work which Jesus instructed Anna Marie to begin. We give all glory to our Savior, Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God.



If you see or experiene any issues with our website, please contact: info@greenscapular.org.

We do our best to make sure the bells and whistles are working correctly, but we know Jesus is very busy and may not be able to fix the issue for us. Please help us by contacting our administrator at: info@greenscapular.org. Thank you and God bless you.


We do not sell any personal information you provide. We have added SSL to our site to ensure we are doing our best to keep your info secured. Since no one is 100% secured and can be hacked, like recent compromises at: Target, Home Depot, etc. Jesus is our protector! We trust that Jesus will keep us safe and secured. We care about you, we love you and are praying for you.


You can contact via email or mail only. We do not have a direct telephone line because we cannot financially support it. We use our donations to purchase items to help us make and mail out blessed Green Scapular Kits, maintaining this website and that is it. Volunteers work for the love of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary.

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