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American Politics


Mother Mary asks Apostles to pray for the protection of our Country and our President Donald Trump on 2/13/17.
Read about the prophesy back in the 1980's about Donald J. Trump becoming President one day, from the Hermit of Loreto! You can also view the webpage that offers a YouTube video by CLICKING HERE!
Christian Voting
Heavenly Father

American Politics

Our American Government was fashioned as a Republic by our forefathers, not a democratic or socialist society. It is based on Judeo Christian pricipals from the Ten Commandments of God.

This means our head of state is not a monarch but is a servant of the people.  We are governed by elected representatives by the citizens of this Republic.

We have three branches of Government: the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch and Judical Branch. Our President is elected by the people and heads the Executive Branch. Our elected representatives are called the Legislative Branch, they fill the House of Representatives and Senate from each of the fifty States. Our Judicial Branch ensures the Constitution of the United States is not violated by the other two Branches, such as the Supreme Court of Justice.

Political Parties

The U.S. has three political parties which are: Republicans, Democrats, Independents. We have another party called the Libertarians, which supports less government interferrance the better. Understanding these political parties is important, because we will answer to the Lord on how we vote. If we support a particular politician who supports abortion, and you vote for him or her; you will be judged as if you committed the abortion by the Lord.

Political Segments

There are three groups or segments within the political parties: Conservatives, Moderates and Liberals. How you vote, reflects on your spirituality, your relationship with Jesus.

Conservatives (metaphorically on the right) represent the 14% of American population and who live by Judeo Christian principals of God. They honor the Ten Commandments of God, attend Church regularly, are Social Conservatives supporting marriage between one man and one woman. They are pro-life, supporting the concept of "life begins at conception". Gun ownership is a basic liberty. They want a smaller government, but a powerful military. They want to secure the border, but want a revision of legal Immagration Laws. This group does not want a president behaving as a monarch. They do not want the Supreme Court making new rules or interpreting the Constitution to fit a more liberal or social agenda. The party that supports or represents Conservatism aligns with the Republican Party.

On the opposite side of Conservatism, is Liberalism (metaphorically on the left) which also represents 14% of American population (but it is growing). Liberals support same-sex marriage, they are pro-choice, they believe the government is best suited to run the lives of the people. New rules and regulations are constantly being made, regulating every aspect of Americans and American businesses and the social services they require to offer. They want to downsized our military, using the funds to support more welfare programs.

Their agenda is a "One World Government" and control the lower class citizens. The middle class is shrinking, while the elite increase in weath. Liberals do not believe they need to live by the Ten Commandments of God. The Bible is just a history book. The more a person identifies themself as a Liberal or Progressive, they are probably Socialists at heart. They have no fear of God, so they believe themselves to be a god. Corruption doesn't matter because they believe they can do whatever they want. With no fear of Almighty God, they are in service to the devil. The party that supports or represents Liberalism tilts more to the Democratic Party.

Then we have the "Extremists", accounting for 2%. On the right, you have terrorists like ISIS. If you do not convert to their religion, they kill you! They do not serve our Heavenly Father, but satan! Anyone who kills another, in the name of their god, is serving the evil god, the devil! On the left of Liberalism, we also have "Extremists", accounting for another 2% of the population. They follow the belief that if you do not do what they say, you have no purpose on earth. This group is follows Communist rules. They too are very evil and will kill if you speak out! Their god is the devil.

Moderates are in the majority. They are those in the middle, between Conservatives and Liberals. Most Moderates support same-sex unions, but not marriage. They are usually pro-life with varying exceptions. They support government regulations, just not to excess. They might go to church or not. They accept illegals without their completing the legal immagration process. They support our military but not war. They want government regulation, and new laws with some limitation. The Moderates represent the largest Politic Segment, estimated around 68% of the American population.

How Will You Answer Our Lord On The Way You Voted?

Political Graph

Confession Removes The Stain of Commission

Have you voted for a politician who violate the Laws of God? Do you know if your candidate publically supported "pro-choice" issues, rather than "pro-life" ones? Did your candidate publically support marriage between same-sex partners? Then you should go to Sacramental Confession and confess you voted the wrong way and for the wrong elected candidate. This will remove any stain of commission you may be guilty of. When you voted, you became a participant in the commission of a sin if they refussed the Laws of God. When you face Jesus Christ at your personal judgement day, will you be forgiven for voting in error or will you be sentenced by the Just Judge? Pray about it.

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